About Enavigo

Enavigo Yachts offer a few standard designs of sail and power boats which you can see on our site.

Although each design/project is a story for itself, all our designs are characterized by a unique building concept which allows each of them to fully develop its personality and originality.

With the superior combination of high-tech materials and processes on one side and the extraordinary properties of the best types of woods on the other side, we obtain advanced laminates in which the synergy of the combined materials is superior to other construction methods.

This approach in design and construction expands the boundaries of boat-building, especially in performances and durability of our boats.

Except for our standard models/designs, the Enavigo Team can help you to realize your unique/original idea, starting from consultation, through design, construction and up to the takeover of the finished boat.

Using modern equipment and a large production facility we are able to systematically control all conditions, a vital part of the production process. Quality control is something we take very seriously and every part of each boat is appropriately measured and recorded during the production process. This method allows us to retain high standards even in a labor-intensive environment.