Maintenance Tips


The West System of construction effectively means that the whole hull is a single composite and virtually maintenance free. There are no seams as such to spring or leak. The wood is both impregnated and bonded with resin to form the stable and moisture resistant structure. Confidently you can expect the hulls to perform for decades. The Awlgrip paint finish is a high performance coating which protects the epoxy resins from attack by UV and is at least as tough as GRP or aluminium. It should require no attention other than regular washing with fresh water for at least 5 years. Any abrasion or mechanical damage should be repaired immediately using a combination of epoxy filler and Awlgrip top coat. However, the structure is less susceptible to water absorption than conventional GRP.

Below the water line the hull is factory protected with 3 layers of self-polishing antifouling paint (AWL-grip). In regular conditions this is enough for 2 years of use. After 2 years and every second year thereafter we advise re-painting with 2 layers of antifouling paint. If the boat is lifted out of water, because of any reason, it is enough to paint one layer every year.

The epoxy impregnation of the wood and glass roving outer layers are a complete barrier to marine borers which can attack conventional wooden boats.

Outer Surfaces – Mahogany Brightwork

A varnished wooden boat always attracts attention and admiring glances. However many people are put off by the thought of high maintenance and upkeep traditionally required. Enavigo in conjunction with the West Epoxy system have endeavored to provide the aesthetic beauty in a low maintenance package.

During manufacture in the tightly controlled environment of the factory the brightwork is given special attention and protection to reduce subsequent maintenance to a minimum comparable to other finishes. The natural mahogany in Cabin sides, cockpit sides and bowsprit are all encapsulated in a transparent glass/roving 150g/m² and epoxy resin. To protect this impervious finish from UV degradation all elements are painted with 5 layers of 2pack PU varnish (specially selected for maximum UV protection).

This means that for at least the first 2-3 years no maintenance is needed.

Thereafter the maintenance schedule depends upon exposure to UV. If the boat is covered (when not in use) with the winter cover (we strongly advise using a winter cover), the maintenance free periods will be prolonged to perhaps 4 or 5 years.

If the varnish is exposed to continuous sunshine for prolonged periods we recommend that the UV protection is restored every second year by applying 2 or 3 layers of good quality 2pack PU transparent varnish. If the varnish has retained its high gloss with no sign of fading or dulling then this period may be extended to a third year.

Before varnishing the surface should be flatted with 200 grade glass-paper, to provide a key to the new coating, and all dust removed.

Any mechanical damage to the varnish or underlying epoxy caused in use should be touched up promptly (similar to damage to gel coat in GRP yachts). This is easily achieved using a little clear epoxy and a touch of varnish which makes an almost invisible repair.

After Sales Service

If your boat is located along the Croatian coast, Enavigo Yachts is pleased to offer a Brightwork Maintenance Package (all mahogany elements on deck).

Enavigo is always pleased to advise and make recommendations to owners who take pleasure in undertaking this work for themselves.